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Is Your Marriage Falling Apart?


There is something especially painful about a marriage breaking down. It’s not like the stress and strain in other relationships, like with a close friend or even family member. When it’s your second half, your soul mate, the pain, the hurt, the anger, the blame is intensified and your vision is even more cloudy with emotion and resentment. It’s a situation unlike anything else.

I know the pain all too well. Several years ago my own marriage was falling apart. We were both good people with the best of intentions, but we were lacking the skills needed to make our marriage work. I assumed it would all happen naturally – after all, she was the love of my life. I quickly learned this was a myth.

As the tension reached its high point, we were ready to call it quits and walk away. But I couldn’t let go without giving it one last try. Only this time I wouldn’t fall for the myths of marriage–I would find the facts.

Your Marriage Can Be Saved

No matter how bad things may seem, your marriage can be saved. I’m proof. We were as close to divorce as you can be, but I had one strand of hope left that turned out to be the difference. I decided to attack the problem like a scientist, uncovering the facts behind marriages that make it and marriages that don’t. What I found completely changed my perspective and, in turn, completely changed my marriage.

Everything I thought I knew was wrong. And everything I did to try to fix my marriage only made it worse. The more I dug, the more I discovered, and the more I wanted to master my marriage. After putting the lessons to work in my relationship and seeing the difference it made, I couldn’t keep it to myself. I started to share little nuggets of wisdom as I found them. On the side, I also began putting together a system of sorts to lead a couple in crisis from struggle to security. When I finished my quest, my marriage was saved and I was ready to step up from sharing nuggets to coaching couples.

What I had learned myself was a great start, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted professional training to ensure real change took place, so I trained with the leading coach academy and spent three years honing my abilities to service couples in need with the program I had developed. Using what I had created saved my marriage and sharing it with others saved theirs. Would you like to be next?

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine looking across the room and seeing your spouse and feeling love and joy and excitement again. Imagine peace in the home, happiness in your kids’ faces, and true love and appreciation everywhere you look. It’s possible. You can make that happen. All it requires is thinking the right things and taking the right steps. And I’m here to show you exactly what they are.

Replace Overwhelm with Connection

Wake up feeling hopeful and supported by the one you love

Build Lasting Relationship Resilience

Learn how to weather every storm that comes your way

Be an Example of True Love & Connection

Show your kids what true and lasting love looks like

Ready to Save Your Marriage?

Few things are as important as your marriage and your kids. To me, nothing is more important. If you agree, and you’re ready to stop struggling alone and start getting expert help, click the button below to schedule your free marriage consult. I’ll help bring clarity to the confusion, relieve the constant stress and tension, and create a plan to save the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

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